The Sonic Movie Design Revealed!

A series of images from a Sonic Movie style guide have been posted to the forum which appear to have originated from the website which is a video game branding company.

So in case you had any doubt, this is it! This is what Sonic will look like in the movie.

Aside from the design of Sonic it looks like packaging designs for potential merchandise are also in the style guide. Otherwise, I don’t think there is anything else I can say other that ‘there he is!’

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source:  Via (Resetera)

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    1. I completely agree. still willing to give this movie a chance. At the end of the day Sonic is still Sonic.

  1. [insert E-rank fanfare]

    The caveat to this is, when the animated Mario movie inevitably does better than this, Paramount might let Dreamworks make an animated film the same way Sony did with Smurfs. Paramount and Dreamworks are owned by the same parent company, so…. fingers crossed.

  2. Looks a little weird, especially with the white fur in place of the gloves. But it might grow on people overtime. Remember how people reacted when the “Boom” design was revealed?

    1. Are you insinuating that everyone got over the Boom designs? Because I think they’re still pathetic, as do many others. The content of the show was never in question, but the designs are still pretty weak.

  3. Just now, I saw “Sonic” trending on Twitter, prompting me to check Sonic Stadium to see this.

    Movie Sonic’s hands being white instead of him wearing gloves amused me. XD

  4. Honestly, this is way better than what I was expecting. I still hate it, but it’s way better than what I was expecting. I still need to see it in motion. I can tolerate a terrible design if the animation and the action around it are amazing. They just need to release a trailer already.

  5. For whatever reason, I’m actually OK with this. Still contemplating what this design will look like in combination with live action, but as far as a design goes for that, this is more acceptable than expected

  6. At least he doesn’t have a realistic hedgehog head look in the earlier mockups (based on the silhouette).

    This could’ve been much worse. My guess is SEGA knew the intended design was too much for their flagship character, so they stepped in and made some desperate compromises at the last minute.

    Again, it could’ve been much worse.

    Now for the matter of the plot, Jim Carrey Eggman, and Alvin and the Chipmunks/Garfield/Dragon Ball Evolution/Smurfs/Yogi Bear/Woody Woodpecker-style millennial writing.

  7. yeaaa…not a fan. I don’t personally see the merits of going with this redesign over the original IP. All I can see when I look at it is a furry costume. That’s really all I have to say. Hopefully the movie is really good to make up for a design that makes me feel deeply uncomfortable.

  8. This honestly just makes me so sad 🙁

    How did this get approved by anyone, it’s worse than the Ken Penders style

  9. The body shape confuses me because in the poster Sonic has a small torso and legs for days, yet here his torso is oddly long that it seems off. Hopefully due to this being the illustration it won’t be that extreme or it will look better animated but other then that I breathe a sigh of relief knowing his eyes aren’t two black orbs and that he skipped a couple of leg days lol

  10. Oh my god. He’s cute and ugly at the same time. If you’re going to have a CG character, why not just use the current model of Sonic from the latest game? That would be much better. And the legs are terrifying.

  11. Just relieved we’re not seeing a realistic hedgehog with uncanny-valley beady hedgehog eyes!
    But relief aside, I took one look at this design and decided… I like it! 😀

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