SXSW Sonic Boom DVD Volume 2 Announced

During the SXSW Sonic panel today, there was a surprise bit of Sonic Boom news. No, not Season 3… rather, they announced that a second volume of Sonic Boom DVDs called “Go Team Sonic” will be arriving at store shelves on June 4th. 

Volume 1, titled “Here Comes the Boom” is already available now. Both Volume DVDs are $9.99 retail, but you can find them as cheap as $6.69 on sites like Amazon.

Along with that news, Season 2 is also now available on iTunes, Amazon Prime and Xbox – so you have no excuse not to watch them now.

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  1. Well, at least they’re acknowledging Boom with DVD releases. Still, it feels like we’re well into the end of Boom’s lifespan, which is a shame because as soon as the TV show became the focus, it was actually pretty decent. Just goes to show what a poorly conceived introductory game can do to a whole new branch of the franchise. I hope Boom Sonic gets to go on in some form in the future, and hopefully the next time they try something like this they don’t muck it up and slowly sweep it under the rug again.

  2. This Second DVD has Designated Heroes, the episode with a Sticks Foot Fetish that got me banned! And I’ll STILL Masturbate to Sticks’ Feet!

  3. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is the best Sonic game since Generations.
    It had speed, combat, exploration, enough 3D.
    It is underrated.

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