New Leak Shows first in-movie Render of Live Action Sonic

A newly leaked image on Twitter has given us our first confirmed in-movie look at Sonic from the upcoming live action movie. According to Tails Channel, which is the source of the image we are using, the image’s authenticity was confirmed by a Paramount employee.

The image, posted below, shows Sonic alongside two Nick Jr. shows: Shimmer & Shine and Nella the Princess Knight. While the exact context of this picture is currently unknown, that it’s featured alongside two Nickelodeon shows does possibly suggest some connection between the movie and the network. Nickelodeon is hosting a “Kids Choice Awards” on March 23rd, which airs exactly a week after the Sonic SXSW panel. Alternatively, it could simply suggest what demographic the movie’s marketing will be targeting, or it could be completely irrelevant. It should be noted that Nickelodeon is a sister company to Paramount, the company distributing the Sonic movie.

Given the sudden onslaught of leaks, we may be on the verge of getting a full blown trailer. Keep checking Sonic Stadium for the latest updates!

UPDATE: There is a larger, uncropped version of the image on Twitter, which we have posted below. The uncropped version shows screenshots from other shows as well, in addition to the two mentioned above. The image is from Twitter user @7K28_, who appears to be the original source of this leak:


  1. This is definitely a leak, cuz excrement can leak. Honestly didn’t think I could hate a design more than sonic boom, but the Sonic series always knows how to out do itself.

  2. Tyson Hesse cleaned up this design and made it likeable, so honestly, I don’t have any defense for this movie design considering one young artist was able to take their concept and do a much better job of execution. That dude should be a senior exec by now considering all he’s done and is capable of lmao. Check out his page if you haven’t seen it yet.

  3. Hmm… He looks like a chipmunk why people why 😢 your making detective Pikachu better and that’s bad.😬

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