Jun Senoue and Tomoya Ohtani Hanging Out With Masahiro Sakurai Might Be The Coolest Thing You See This Week

It’s not often you see a number of video gaming legends in the same room at once. Besides Summer of Sonic, of course (hi Naka-san, Hoshino-san, Senoue-san and Iizuka-san!). But that’s exactly what happened in Japan last night, as Super Smash Bros Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai threw a party for all of the musicians he collaborated with on the crossover project.

And if you paw through some of the amazing photos from that evening, Sonic fans will definitely recognise some familiar SEGA faces. Among those, Sonic sound director Jun Senoue and Sonic Forces composer Tomoya Ohtani can be seen chilling with Sakurai-san.

As well as assisting with the arrangements for Sonic-related tracks included in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Ohtani-san is credited with crafting a remix of Bomb Rush Blush from Splatoon and Senoue-san worked on a special Mega Man 4 medley.

Senoue-san also shared a photo from the event, alongside Sakurai who the composer says he almost shares a birthday with! What are the odds!

Sakurai-san obviously knows how to create an insanely good video game, but it turns out he’s also a dab hand at throwing parties too. The photo below, shared on his Twitter account, illustrates the sheer amount of hard work and collaboration that went into producing Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s ~900 or so music tracks.

And apparently the group of composers in the photo doesn’t even fully represent the entire number of people who helped collaborate with Sakurai! Just goes to show how incredible a project the Nintendo cross-over brawler truly is.

Well done guys, you’ve all deserved a very long rest!

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    1. Yeah for real. I had to figure out which one was Ohtani and Senoue, but Mitsuyoshi-san stole the picture with his revved up attitude. His F-ZERO Medley was one of the best songs in Ultimate, i love this man!

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