Comic Preview: IDW Sonic the Hedgehog #13

There appears to be something incubating in the latest issue…

The preview for Sonic the Hedgehog #13 has been released, and it’s the start of something new and sinister! Sonic and his friends are returning to normalcy after the total defeat of Metal Sonic on Angel Island, but as our heroes go about their lives, the underground hive of villainy is not dormant for long. An old foe reemerges with a plan more diabolical than ever, but how are Rough and Tumble involved with the newest and most microscopic agent in the team? Find out in this issue!

Time for a break! Sonic can finally take some time to catch his breath, secure in the fact that the day’s been saved and his old greatest foe is… Wait. He’s gone?! What does that…? Well, that smells like trouble…
Bullet points:
The return of Rough and Tumble!
Sonic faces a new threat that kicks off year two with a bang!
Extra-length issue!
Sonic the Hedgehog #13–Cover A: Adam Bryce Thomas
Writer Ian Flynn
Art Adam Bryce Thomas
Colors Matt Herms
Letters Shawn Lee
FC • 36 pages • $4.99
Release Date: February 6, 2019

Sonic the Hedgehog #13 is out tomorrow, February 6th, in stores and online. Pick up the fever of new arc hype when you pick up the comic!

Source: Adventures in Poor Taste


  1. I like it when they do a “select your character” cover but uh, doesn’t that face Tails is making a bit out of place? Feels like something Charmy, maybe Amy would do.

    Far as I’m concerned Tails should be doing a serious face, or be sharing Sonic’s smug look.

    1. Or just smiling happily, as he normally does in promo art. But the ‘flirty’ wink is a little off, I’ll grant you that.

      1. Ah weird, I was referring to the tongue-out mocking face he’s doing next to Sonic because I’m not used to seeing Tails taunting the enemy, much less in a childish way.

        But yeah the wink isn’t very Tails-like either.

  2. I liked this issue. I feel the comics are definitely improving with each new issue. I’m more excited for this 2nd year of the comic than the first one;

  3. Sonic: Oh-ho, Rough! You’re approaching me?

    Rough: I can’t beat the shit out of you without getting closer!

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