The Sonic Movie’s twitter account goes live, immediately pokes fun at the movie

What does a movie’s social media team do when the entire internet is lambasting their project to kingdom-come? Partake in the fun, apparently.The official twitter account for the Sonic movie, which has been lying dormant since last June, went live a few days ago. So far, the post embedded below is their only original tweet:

Beyond this, they also retweeted 5 posts making fun of the movie’s posters. This one is my personal favorite:

Eventually, this account will probably become a source of information for the movie. Until then…well, we got some funny tweets, I guess.



  1. honestly what worries me most about the whole marketing of the movie so far is that they don’t seem to be targeting children/young audiences at all (like they should be). i mean, they referenced the ‘Ted’ movies as their inspiration??? that disturbs me so much and this attitude seems continued on their account too as if they’re targeting the demographic of weird older guys who like family guy and adam sandler movies…………….

  2. “Let’s poke fun at ourselves, the official Sonic twitter does it. It’ll be funny!”

    …Only it wasn’t.

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