Sonic Movie Teaser Shown To CCXP In Brazil!

It’s getting closer!

According to reports coming out of São Paulo, their fifth Annual comic con held a big surprise for people who attended Paramount Pictures’ presentation.

The First Sonic Teaser Trailer was shown!

The trailer is a teaser trailer in every sense of the word, it gives away absolutely nothing regarding the plot. But here are the details we could get.

Teaser begins with a close up of Sonic’s face.
He is textured and realistic, similar to Detective Pikachu.
The character then runs and breaks the sound barrier.

Full translation is as follows.

Sonic’s preview made Cinemark’s audience agitated. The teaser began with a close close on the face of the hedgehog, which is at the same time as caricature, textured and realistic. Something in Detective Pikachu’s suit. After this we see a plane of the character running and breaking the sound barrier.

In other news… the Sonic Twitter teased a ‘tiny gift’ was coming soon today.

Source: PremierLine


  1. Holy. HELL.

    I’m excited but worried at the same time?? I remember how badly I wanted a Sonic movie when I was like 13. But after the likes of Alvin and the Chipmunks and The Smurfs, I’m a… TAD apprehensive. It could either be really great or really terrible.

  2. Someone please tell me Sonic looks alright and they didn’t completely redesign him!! Pleeease someone confirm this!!

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