Comic Preview: IDW Team Sonic Racing One-Shot

Team Sonic Racing may have been delayed to May next year, but there’s a little fuel in the meantime right now!

The full preview for the Team Sonic Racing comic has been released! In this one-off special, follow the antics of Sonic and his friends as they ride wheel to wheel with team Dark and give Eggman a drive for his money! What tricks does Eggman have up his sleeve to even the odds with the heroes…and what exactly does our new associate Dodon Pa want? Find out in this teaser for the game!

Written by: Caleb Goellner.
Art by: Adam Bryce Thomas.
Cover by: Adam Bryce Thomas.
Description: Sonic’s been taken to another world and entered into a race unlike any other! With a little help from his friends Tails and Knuckles, he’ll race to win the competition and get everyone home! But… Before that, check out a comics exclusive story straight from the world of Team Sonic Racing!
Pages: 40.
Price: $4.99.
In stores: December 5.

The Team Sonic Racing one-shot will be available in stores and on digital platforms on December 5th. Beat the cold by burning up the track to your store for it!

Source: Comics Continuum


  1. I feel like Eggman is just paraphrasing something Iizuka probably said in the office. XD

    Iizuka: “Gameplay shmameplay, Wisps are where it’s at! GIMME!!”

  2. Reading the preview, it felt like this was going to be nothing more than a glorified advert. However, I was mistaken: it’s a glorified game manual instead. The dialogue is there simply to describe how the game works, and almost none of it is in-character. And this is a major disappointment, as I know IDW is capable of so much more than this, as the main comic proves time and again.

    Honestly, the only good thing about this is the art.

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