Sonic Unleashed Is Coming To Xbox One!

…Via backwards compatability.

That’s right! The game which brought us Wentos, Chip and Ice Cream is getting a release on the Xbox One thanks to backwards comparability.

Confirmed by Major Nelson just an hour ago, the game is available to play right now!

Now you can re-live those moments of looking for medals, trying not to damage pots and trying to finish the Eggman Land hot dog missions all over again!



  1. I have some fun memories with the Wii version but at the same time this game’s always been a huge slap to the face because I bought it at a ridiculous price, for something that’s not even on the same level of SA/SA2/Heroes/Shadow- even Riders had more content, and these are all GameCube games. Where did those extra GB of disc space go to? They didn’t even bother with dual-audio.

  2. Just played a bit of Unleashed tonight and it’s still good (in the day). The werehog stuff is as overlong as I remember though.

    Wish Sonic Team would make a new game as confident as this one though, it’s nicely polished.

  3. This game has aged like milk… I played it a few months ago, and it was agony. The hub world, collecting medallions, the werehog stages and their awful, jazz fight-music…

    Even the modern stages lack the freedom and charm of the Adventure-era gameplay. Sonic doesn’t have to handle like a tomahawk cruise missile to be representative of “a fast hedgehog”.

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