Silver, Rouge, Chaotix & Metal Sonic In Smash… Sorta

Whilst many had speculated that Shadow would be an echo fighter in the new Smash game, Nintendo revealed the final roster and unfortunately Shadow did not make the cut. He is however an assist trophy.

However, they announced a new feature which includes virtually everyone else in the Sonic franchise.

Whilst not playable fighters, new power up like characters called Spirits have been introduced which aid your character with power ups and special abilities.

Confirmed spirit characters so far are…

  • Tails
  • Knuckles
  • Amy
  • Silver
  • Metal Sonic
  • Rouge
  • Chaotix
  • Blaze

We’ll update you with more as we get it.

Source: Nintendo Direct

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  1. I am ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS that Sakurai didn’t make Tails into a fighter but instead put him in Spirits Mode!! AUGH!!!

    *Secretly Praying That Sakurai Changes His Mind And Makes Tails One Of The DLC Fighters*

    I mean, why do you think there isn’t another Sonic rep. in Smash? (I’m serious, I’m actually asking)

  2. Really hoping his absence means Dr. Eggman might be playable. But it seems pretty likely he’ll be a spirit/boss. They could just have Roy of the Koopalings for his spirit battle. what with the buggy, the bald head, and the glasses.

  3. You want Shadow to be playable? Forget it, because he’s only destined to be a Racer Character! Get Sonic Forces: Speed Battle to race as Shadow on foot, or get Team Sonic Racing to drive as Shadow representing Team Dark!

  4. all sonic charecters confermed Death XD ajajaja, by te way shadow the hedgehog and doctor Eggman spirits are in the game to as spirits

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