The UK & EU Sega Shop is Open!

A year after the Sega store opened for the US, for those merch collectors in the EU & the UK, the wait is over! The Sega store for the EU region is now open!

So far I am extremely impressed with what’s on offer! The store is selling a range of items from Sonic to Streets of Rage across a wide range of products such as keyrings, pin badges, T-Shirts and plushies!

Some items were previously only available in the US Sega Store, but we’ve spotted a number of currently exclusive products such as a 25th Anniversary Amy Rose Coin and a pin badge set.

There is also an entire section full of items which are completely exclusive to the store covering a wide range of Sega brands, such as Sonic, Altered Beast, Alex Kidd and Yakuza!

They even have the Sonic X Sanrio plushies! Something which had previously been unavailable in the EU!

If you sign up for the newsletter, you’re rewarded with a 15% discount code which works on every item in the store.

You can shop until you drop at the following links!

UK Store

EU Store



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