1. Well, if the comment about being on the right path is true, this means that we should be looking for more “hidden” clues in upcoming tweets/fb announcements.

  2. Sonic Adventure was released in 1998.
    “Realized it’s been 20 years since your first Sonic game.”
    “Pondered the anthropomorphic human/animal ratio of the Sonic universe”

    Are these specific panels hinting towards a Sonic Adventure game? I wouldn’t get my hopes up but if the next game isn’t based on the Sonic Movie, there might be an Adventure remake with how Chaos returned from the vault.

  3. It could be clues for a Team Sonic Twitter Takeover, where Sonic, Tails and Knuckles answer questions for laughs. We could find out what Tails’ Favorite Console is, or how Knuckles types with boxing gloves on!

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