Sonic Talks in Latest ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ Trailer – Watch Here!

It appears a new trailer for the film Ralph Breaks the Internet has hit the airwaves in the US last night, and with it a brief clip of Sonic the Hedgehog’s cameo in the hotly-anticipated Wreck-It Ralph sequel. It’s a very short clip, but – spoiler alert – he talks!

The clip below is a brief four-second gag where Ralph, exploring the vast bandwidths of the Internet, is having trouble reading the word ‘WiFi’ where the blue blur comes in to help. Sonic is apparently not only a hero of South Island, but also of pronunciation!

This clip was originally published by a user on Tumblr overnight, so the specific details on where this came from are still coming in hot, but it’s believed that this formed part of a new trailer for the movie that was aired during the World Series. We’ll update this story once things are fully confirmed, and we’ll of course bring you the full trailer once it’s released to the general public too.

For most of us, it’s great to see another cameo of the blue blur in Ralph’s ongoing adventures, but it’s even greater to see him get a larger (speaking) role too. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Whimsical-Believer, Tumblr

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      1. Disney should have gotten the rights to make a Sonic movie. And if Disney got the rights to make a animated Sonic movie (that’s not a musical) They might promote it by having a Sonic ride at Disney Parks like Sonic’s Rockin Roller Caoster in Fantasy Land. Right now Nintendo did the smart thing when the upcoming Super Mario movie by having it all CGI. If the Sonic movie ends up being a Box Office flop Sega should reconsider Disney to make a all CGI Sonic movie. I mean Wreck-It-Ralph is in Sonic and Allstars Racing Transformed and Sega allowed Disney to put Sonic in Wreck-It-Ralph 1 and 2 so that’s just Oxymoron that Paramount is making a CG Live Action Hybrid that will most likely flop and Sega has nothing to do with the Sonic Movie

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