Rouge the Bat Gets A Halloween Makeover in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

It’s almost Halloween, and SEGA Hardlight has redecorated the Sonic Forces: Speed Battle mobile app to suit the spooky mood. As part of the festivities, a new character can be unlocked between now and 30 October – Witch Rouge!

Being a special playable character, her stats are pretty impressive – straight 7s for Acceleration and Strength and a whopping 10 for Speed. She also comes complete with a brand new projectile weapon, the Drac–O’-Lantern, as well as a Wind Boost and Booby Trap items.

To be able to unlock her, you need to collect 300 character cards – a tall order if ever we saw one, as one of the fastest ways to gather Witch Rouge character cards appears to be by completing special missions, of which you collect anything between 5 and 40 at a time. But we reckon it’ll be worth it.

You can spend Red Star Rings unlocking new Witch Rouge missions once you have completed the current one, if you don’t want to wait a few hours for things to tick over. The more missions you complete, though, the more expensive the Red Star Ring costs becomes…

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  1. Hey, that’s nice and all, but here’s what I think, I being, the Blue Blur himself. 1: I think the other Halloween variant is Vampire Shadow.
    2: I bet Witch Rouge and Vampire Shadow originated from Sonic Runners.
    3: These “Week Of Witchcraft” Event Missions are super tedious!
    Oh, gotta go bash some Badniks. See you later! And… Happy Soniween!

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