Comic Preview: IDW Sonic the Hedgehog #10

Take a peek at another frightfully good Sonic comic. The preview has been released for Sonic the Hedgehog #10, and the battle is raging on to save Angel Island! In this issue, the heroes have been designated into three groups.

While Amy and Tails lead most of the resistance to take back the island from the invading Egg Fleet, Blaze has her own piece of the army to deal with in her unique style. On top of that, Sonic and Knuckles are going directly for Neo Metal Sonic, but things don’t look good with him in control of the Master Emerald! Can our heroes fight against the odds and start pulling things in their favour? Find out in “The Battle for Angel Island”: part 2.

Sonic the Hedgehog #10
Ian Flynn (w) • Tracy Yardley (a) • Adam Bryce Thomas (c)
“The Battle for Angel Island,” Part 2. As Amy and Tails lead the Resistance fighters to free Angel Island from the Egg Fleet, Blaze must face an army all by herself. Meanwhile, Sonic and Knuckles find themselves face-to-face with a Super-powerful enemy. Will they be able to beat their foe, or will they just get beat?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Sonic the Hedgehog #10—Cover B: Tracy Yardley
Ian Flynn (w) • Tracy Yardley (a & c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Bullet points:
– The stunning second part of the first-year finale!
– Variant cover by Nathalie Fourdraine!

Sonic the Hedgehog #10 is due out in stores and digitally on October 31st which, yes, will fall on the day of horror itself. Make sure you don’t miss out on this monster of an issue!

Source: Newsarama


  1. Spoiler Talk

    Why does Shadow have to be such an idiot. Also why do I feel like we missed the best parts of the Super Neo Metal Sonic fight. I was hyped to see him duke it out with sonic and knuckles but most of the focus is on the other characters.

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