New Sonic Animated Series Confirmed!

Sonic Mania Adventures was one of the biggest surprises to come from Sega recently and the response to it was even more incredible. The series of shorts delighted fans and critics alike.

Well it seems Sega is not done yet with in house Sonic Animation. Sonic Mania Adventures Production Manager revealed on instagram that a new animated Sonic series is in development.

“Gotta go fast, gotta make it last — finally swung around the SEGA office as we’re working on another fun series with the blue hedgehog… y’all are gonna love it,” reads the post.

No details were given, but if you look at the tags, a certain pink hedgehog is listed along with the usual boys.

We’ll keep you up to date with more on this as we get it. Thanks to SSMB member Wraith for bringing this to our attention.

UPDATE: It appears the original copy of the Instagram post was edited so that any mention of “another fun series” has been removed. You can see a screengrab of the original post here.

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  1. May they not ‘High Guardian Spice’ themselves. Good news is, Flaca already managed the production for all the Mania shorts, so not a newcomer. Also, fingers crossed for no voice actors (silent cartoons are a potential goldmine for mass appeal).

  2. I hope this new series takes the shonen route and reanimates Sonic Heroes, Unleashed, and Colors. I’m up for a new anime in the same vein of Sonic X.

  3. More sonic!!!!! AaaaaaaaaaWwwsssssoooommmmmmeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I liked sonic boom and was hoping they’d make it to at least fifth season but i am still happy

  4. Here’s a thought… Do like Genndy Tartakovsky did with “Samurai Jack”, bring it back for one more season! For those who remember Sonic SatAM, that show should be brought back for one more season or two. Or a reboot of it which is also a thought!

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