Comic Preview: IDW Sonic the Hedgehog #9

The fight for Angel Island officially begins! IDW have released the preview for Sonic the Hedgehog #9, and the stakes have been kicked into high gear! Metal Sonic starts his attack on Angel Island, hoping to get it to power his world-dominating schemes!

Sonic and friends are hot on the tail though, teaming up to stop him before he can wreak havoc. With such an all-star cast of heroes, they’ll surely be able to put an end to things before they can get out of control…won’t they? This is “The Battle for Angel Island”; part 1.

Written by: Ian Flynn.
Art by: Tracy Yardley.
Covers by: Lamar Wells, Tracy Yardley, Nathelie Fourdraine.
Description: “The Battle for Angel Island,” Part 1. One of the greatest threats Sonic has ever faced descends upon Angel Island, home of the mystical Master Emerald, seeking to take the Emerald’s power and control the world. Can Sonic and his friends stop the attack on the island-or is it already too late?
Pages: 32.
Price: $3.99.
In stores: September 19.

Sonic the Hedgehog #9 is out in stores and on digital platforms September 19th, which is tomorrow. If you want to be on top of the action as it starts, make sure you pick this one up!

Source: Comics Continuum



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