“Green Hills” Image From Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Emerges

More images are emerging from the set of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, currently filming in British Columbia:

The image, purportedly from Pitt Lake near Vancouver, shows a town sign for the fictional location of “Green Hills” (which although is cut off in the image is also written on the side of the police cruiser in the background). Note the extra “s”, in the location, likely a bit of creative license on the writer’s part rather than a nod to the lesser-known zone of the same name from the Master System version of Sonic 2.

The sign also comes with the town motto of “The little town with a big heart”, along with the town’s population and elevation above sea level (although they missed a trick with the population – should have been 1991, not 1981!).

If this image is anything to go by, it is probably a good indicator we will see more nods and references to the game throughout the movie.

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Source: https://twitter.com/cartoonmoo/status/1024810780707844097?s=19

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  1. So for this movie, that turned Green Hill into a urban town. Clever. I wonder if they’ll have the iconic flowers.

  2. The population may just be what you said was a missed trick, but I think that it might grow to 1991 throughout the course of the movie.

  3. Sigh, okay I’m all for subtle references, shout-outs, and callbacks to previous games and elements from those games being in this movie, but this…I don’t know, it just kind of screams cringe. Or maybe I would have been fine with the name if it wasn’t for the “little town with a big heart” tagline. It literally sounds like something that just kind of came up with in like 2 seconds, hoping for a better idea from someone else, but no one said anything so they had to stick with the generic as hell option. Also, am I the only one who’s getting a good feeling we aren’t going to be seeing any surreal landscapes with checkerboard dirt or natural loop-de-loops?

  4. Cool and it is beginning to get tiresome to hear people complaining about Green Hill Zone. I get why people are complaining but I think for the movie to work it has to be going back to the roots of the franchise. Also am I curious to get to know what people think of my fan art that happens to be Green Hill Zone that I at the time choose to do because of it being iconic with Sonic.

    Not used to do backgrounds but I did my best on this!

  5. With those trees and that type of mountainous environment…surely this should be Hilltop and NOT Green Hill???

    Please get a huge Sonic fan on the production team!!!

  6. Prediction: Sonic sees this sign and that’s why he stops by this town and befriends the cop.

    By the end of the movie he and his friends decide to/have to stay and the population rises to 1991.

  7. well this just further proves the plotline we’ve heard “a small town must save Sonic from the government who’s chasing him”

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