Sonic Boom’s original creative team no longer working on the show

During a panel at the Sonic Revolution convention, the original Sonic Boom creative team have confirmed that they are no longer working on the show.

When asked whether a third season was happening, head-writer Bill Freiberger confirmed that he, along writers Sam Freiberger, Alan Denton and Greg Hahn all confirmed that they were in no longer working on the show, and so therefore could not comment on the future of the series.

While not a confirmation of the show’s cancellation, this can’t be good sign for the show’s future. According to Freiberger, only SEGA really knows the future of the show right now.

The panel is currently running on Sonic Revolution’s YouTube livestream. Unfortunately, the video appears to be out of focus, but you can still hear it!

UPDATE: Freiberger has clarified with us that, even though they are not currently involved with the show, this does not mean they will not be involved in a future season.

We were also able to ask Aaron Webber about the future of the series. He uncharacteristically said “No comment.”


  1. I honestly hope this isn’t the end of Boom. I genuinely enjoyed the series. Most fun I’ve had with something Sonic related in years.

  2. If this means the show is over I’ll accept it (I’ll really miss it though). I just hope that the show gets released on Blu-Ray/DVD (It’s out on DVD in some countries but not in the United States)

  3. Sonic boom is really funny, but I guess the series can only continue if more sonic boom games are in the making. Also it would be good if it was shown on a network which gave it the promotion it deserves.

  4. ….. what the hell happened?? Did they replace the original team or is it on hold for a while? This is really sad, I loved this show T-T

  5. season 2 was amazing but hasnt been released on demand or DVD yet which is a shame because i want it.
    I hope Sonic Boom isnt over.

  6. Awwww. It would really be a shame if they cancelled it! It really felt like the best part was just coming

    1. And now we’ll NEVER have that third Season Finale involving not only Shadow, but also Lyric the Last Ancient. He’s pretty much the only guy Shadow would go after for Sonic, because Shadow has a personal vendetta with Lyric (See Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric). Maybe have it so that Shadow ends up sent to a dimension where nothing and NOBODY even exists, where Shadow will be happy.

  7. I would actually like the sonic X series back…. Hoping theyed add more characters like silver and metal sonic…. ?
    About the boom series it was good….?

  8. It’s a shame. I like Sonic Boom until herpa derpa Cartoon Network banished it to Boomerang in favor of shitty Toddler Titans Blows. Fuck that show!

  9. This news really disheartens me. Coupled with the fact that season 2 STILL hasn’t arrived in the UK yet, is making me very concerned. If Sonic Boom gets cancelled, not only will I be outraged by this but also I’ll officially lose 100% faith in Cartoon Network.

    And if it is truly the end of Sonic Boom, then at the very least it went out on a high note.

    1. I also forgot to mention that Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom hasn’t gotten any new content in a long time. However last week, Hardlight Studios has given this game an update. These upgrades are as follows…

      A massive amount of red star rings
      You can now double your ring count after a run
      The number of red star rings to collect in a run is increased to 10
      There are now more options on how many rings you want to spend in the shop
      A new loading screen when you start playing it
      A new score results display, showing how long you’ve used your 3 characters

      Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it. I hope this is a sign that we’re getting more content for Sonic Dash 2 and a sign that Sonic Boom isn’t dead yet.

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