Jim Carrey In Talks To Play Eggman In The Sonic Movie

With the Sonic Movie now under Paramount’s control and development beginning very soon, more details regarding it’s casting are slowly leaking out.

Many fans have speculated for months as to if the cast would be the current voice actors, or would celebrities be put into the series iconic roles?

Well according to a sources at Deadline, we might have an indication as to the answer of that, it seems that the role of Eggman for the Sonic Movie has yet to be cast, however, one name in the negotiations for the role is Jim Carrey!

Yes you read that right, Jim Carrey, famous for his roles in Ace Ventura, The Mask and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is currently in talks to play Sonic’s nemesis in the Sonic Movie.

We’ll update this with more information as we get it.

Source: Deadline

UPDATE: Hollywood Reporter Writer Borys Kit is claiming that Carrey will be a live action actor and not a CG/Voice Role.



  1. Wouldn’t make sense to have real-life actors and a CGI Eggman. The CGI wouldn’t be good enough to blur the line between real and fake, so the Eggman actor (Carrey or not) would have to be real.

    This train wreck is going to be bitter-sweet to witness…

  2. In theory, I SHOULD be excited by this idea. Like on paper it’s a combination of two of my most favorite things, Jim Carrey and Eggman. And yet, with the way Jim has been acting lately (he’s more “woke” and “zen” than his wacky zany “facade” that he claims felt like more of a mask he wore…heh), I’m not so sure this is the role for him. Is he gonna try to make Eggman rrrrrrrrrrrridiculously over the top funny, or is he gonna did too deep to try and make Eggman seem like a tortured complex soul at the expense of being funny at all? I just want a balanced nuanced Eggman act that’s both funny AND threatening, and it’s not too hard to ask for apparently, just look at Mike Pollock (I mean at this point, somebody has too if Paramount won’t…).

    1. Keep in mind how he has to act is based off the director. How they want him to be is solely based off that. How he portrays it of course is his because actors integrity. However, I do agree with you. I really want the zany side of him back. He hasn’t done comedy in years.

  3. There is nothing they can add to this movie that will stop to make me cringe at this point, so…

  4. I think it’s obvious Eggman won’t be CGI since he’s an actual person. He might have CGI elements like the Ninja Turtles and that would be fine (although people complained about the CGI faces in Rogue One…. to me it was actually rather impressive. But people are people when they KNOW it’s fake. So we’d have to see how it goes for this then. No one seemed to mind the CGI of Thanos in Infinity War. He was also motion capture.)

    If anything, I can see Carrey wearing a body suit (Nutty Professor anyone?) blended with CGI using motion capture. He’s got the voice for Eggman. He played the Grinch after all. (you didn’t mention the Grinch in the list of notable roles? XD Seems most relevant for something like this)

    I’m not excited nor upset by this.

  5. With every new announcement it is looking more and more like Sega/Paramount is trying really hard to make something on par the Super Mario Bros. movie…

  6. Never thought I’d see Jim Carrey’s face in a Sonic news site. My younger self would have had a field day, now I kinda dislike the guy after seeing half of his movies.

  7. I foresee Jim digging into his Andy Kaufman aka Tony Clifton persona for this role..

  8. I just hope it’s not gonna be Mike Pollock again. I’ve been itching for a new Eggman for the past year now. So hopefully this movie won’t make me regret this decision!

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