Team Sonic Racing: “Who Are You Mysterious Man Who Floats On High…”

…And launches a thousand YouTube speculation videos and Sonic fansite articles!?”

Ever since the boxart leaked of TSR, fans have been pointing to a mysterious flying figure within the image.

Some say, he’s Big the Cat in disguise, whilst others claim he’s Paul Rudd infiltrating the game, for others he’s the announcer from the original ASR finally making his debut!

Well, we don’t know who he is yet, but we do now have a much clearer look at him. Steam launched a TSR page for the game along with a higher resolution image of the boxart, so lets take a closer look.

It’s…! A mysterious flying guy! He’s in a car and he has a hat! He can grow a great big fluffy moustache! He wears a robe, like a king, or emperor!

Who is he? We’ll let you know the moment we find out!

Source: Steam


  1. Eggman in a better disguise? It’s strange he’s not on the cover. I wonder if there’s a story line?? Ahhh I’m excited!!

  2. Big the Cat confirmed!!!
    In all seriousness I did notice the guy floating in his vehicle when the box art was leaked earier.

  3. In his latest plot, eggman successfully created the true ultimate lifeform by injecting big the cats dna to himself.
    Lo and behold: Egg the cat

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