“Team Sonic Racing” Cover Image Leaked

UPDATED WITH HIGHER QUALITY IMAGES. The full title of the mystery Sonic game along with what’s likely the official cover has finally been revealed thanks to a leaked image on Wal-Mart’s app. Team Sonic Racing (Super Sonic Racing would have been so much better IMO) is the third in the Sonic racing series in the past ten years, only this time there doesn’t appear to be a regular Sega character in sight. The cover is from the Nintendo Switch version, but it should arrive on PS4 and XB1 as well.

Just two days ago, Sega teased the game from it’s official Twitter account. This leads me to believe we should be getting a full announcement later today if not Thursday. Team Sonic Racing is likely due this fall or holiday season. We’ll be giving you more and more coverage of this game is we get closer to E3.

Credit goes to Sonic Revolution’s own Lidice “Angelidia” Mendoza for discovering the leak.

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  1. Eh, got bored reaaal quick of the previous ones. Were only really good for the obscure SEGA cameos tbh. Now if this was a Sonic R sequel, now that’s another matter.

    1. Got to agree. I would be way more interested in a Sonic R sequel. Sonic R was a unique concept and a lot of fun. I spent countless hours playing it back in the day.

      However, this whole car thing…if Sonic can run faster than a car, why would he choose to race in one?

  2. Hopefully the “15 characters “ are just characters we have from the start , but can eventually unlock a lot more .

  3. Take a look at the trees in the background, they almost look similar to the trees of a certain planet from another Sonic game.

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