Release Date, Price and Images for Puma’s Sonic & Eggman sneakers released

We finally have images and a release date for the Sonic sneakers SEGA and sneaker company PUMA announced back in March. The blue shoes feature some Green Hill-inspired decoration, as well as a running Sonic sprite on the insoles. These shoes will be released alongside the Eggman-inspired sneakers revealed last week on June 5, for $130 at, Puma stores and select sneaker retailers.

If you’re wondering what $130 sneakers look like, check out the press images below. Be on the look out for some old school SEGA console cameos!


  1. Was the design of the Sonic shoes (the horrible fluff appearance) ever explained as to why they took that direction with them? It just makes them look beaten :/

  2. Why do the Sonic shoes look like they’ve been through the dryer 100x already? I’ve been waiting to buy these, but now I’m not so sure…

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