Sonic Mania Plus Leaked On PS4!

Out of respect for the developers, we will not be posting major details regarding the spoilers that have been discovered from this leak.

Following reports on our forums, it would appear that Sonic Mania Plus got accidentally leaked onto the Playstation Network just over an hour ago.

It seems that someone accidentally put an update file onto the public side of the network and if you were using your PS4 at the time, had Mania installed on your system and had automatic updates turned on, the console downloaded what appears to be a new ‘test build’ of the game which includes a large portion of the Mania Plus update.

We’re going to keep the big spoilers out of this update, but reports indicate that there have been significant changes; such as the level design as well as some new transitions between the levels.

Other changes noted are quite major and from last time a lot of you requested that we don’t include spoilers unless they are very clearly marked… So if you are curious to see them, check out the topic on our forums, the spoilers start instantly when you click the link, so this is your last chance to turn back.

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  1. Better to avoid spoilers and wait full release date digital/retail version (after all the retail version is already available for pre-order)

  2. its nice that the base game was updated with the patch – makes sense to do something significant since companies charge you for making updates.

  3. Yeah…. no. This isn’t an actual leak for Sonic Mania Plus. What WAS leaked was an update to Sonic Mania that mostly likely PREPARES for the release of Plus. None of the advertised new features being added to Plus (ie Mighty & Ray, Encore Mode, etc.) are actually in this leaked update. Sonic Mania Plus WAS NOT leaked, just a substancial update to Mania.

    1. So you suggest that adding new stage transitions (some seem unfinished), new and fixed animations, updated GUI, adding more to save files, a reworked boss fight doesn’t warrant being called a leak? This IS a leak for v2.0 and It’s NOT related to the DLC so why would they be added in this? if anything, dataminers might find something- they might not. Early days.

      1. “This IS a leak for v2.0 and It’s NOT related to the DLC”

        So, the DLC menu option is a figment of everyone’s collective imagination then?

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