Paramount Pictures Reveal Sonic Movie Logos

Over at this years Cinema Con, Paramount Pictures have revealed what appear to be placeholder logos for the new Sonic Movie.

Twitter user Caleb Williams was at Paramount’s presentation and managed the first photo of what appears to be a placeholder logo. Shortly after a second logo started to appear on various websites including our own forums but the exact source of this hasn’t been identified yet.

We’re expecting more Sonic movie news to come this year so keep checking for more updates as we get them.

Source: Twitter


  1. I really hope the top image is fake because if this movie really is live action with a CGI Sonic running around, I will lose all hope for this movie being good.

    1. We’ve known that’s what it will be since the day they announced it. Nothing has changed.

    2. its been a live action movie since it was first mentioned and that hasnt changed – the only thing thats changed has been the move over to Paramount from Sony.

    3. The film will be live-action with a CG Sonic running around. They announced that it would be ages ago.

      I honestly think they should have stuck with a full animated movie, you know this live-action direction is gonna be a flop. plus Sonic will be releasing along side Star wars 9, Frozen 2, new James Bond and some other big films. I cant see casual audiences wanting to see a film about a big blue talking hedgehog running around smashing robots, you know straight away there gonna think of Alvin and the chipmunks or Garfield.

      There is a tiny chance though they could get lucky. but i dont sense good vibes atm

    4. @Austin It’s already been confirmed that it is live action with CGI….trust me, I’m not happy about it either!

  2. Calling it now, it’s gonna be like the Woody Woodpecker movie that came out like, this year.

  3. Still think live action cgi mix is a terrible idea but who knows. I think at best this movie will be like the Mario bros live action movie; something you put on occasionally to just look at in awe and think ‘why?’ What process and number of people did this go through and each of them signed off on it? Baffling.

    1. I like that idea though. I think it will benefit from live action elements, since sonic is ultimately more realistic than, say, mario.

  4. Well, theyre using sonic from sonic 4 promo. Maybe its the movie adaption of 4? Episode 2 just ended abruptly. No follow up. So maybe theyre naming this sonic 4 episode 3. Kinda like danganronpa 3.

    Just speculating.

  5. Really hope that logo is just a placeholder. Even the Sonic Fan Film logo manages to look more appealing than whatever that is supposed to be.

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