Sonic Paradox Debuts “Sonic Seconds,” a New Series of Shorts

Stop the presses!

It’s only been a month since the animators and voice actors over at Sonic Paradox released the karma collector-themed Vector’s Knickers, and tonight, the crew has unveiled a brand new spinoff series to the popular Sonic Shorts Volumes collaborations. Sonic Seconds!

Check the first volume of shorts out below, as well as credits, links, and important details regarding upcoming projects.

Sonic Seconds is the newest entry in the Sonic Shorts series by Sonic Paradox! The goal with Seconds is to release fun-sized animations at a quicker pace! Longer animations will be kept to the main collaborations!

Casino Calamity is still being worked on, and SEGA Shorts is being wrapped up. We have not forgotten about you.

We’re also always welcoming new animators, so if you wish to be involved in future collaborations, whether they be Seconds or larger, join Sonic Paradox today!

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Animators (in order of appearance):

1. Piggybank:
2. TheWax70:
3. Kwasior:
4. SpeedySpikes:
5. Ter0nik:
6. Sergeant16Bit:
7. CelestOrion:
8. AeroArtwork:

Voice Actors (in order of appearance):
Recorderdude (RecD):

Additional Animator (Celest’s Part):

Additional Animator (Credits):

Transition Animator:

Logo Designer:


Collab Organiser:


Q: Where’s Sonic Shorts?
A: Sonic Shorts will be for larger animations with longer punchlines, while Seconds will be for quick animations. That way, you’re not waiting years for a volume!

Q: Where is Casino Calamity?
A: It’s still being worked on! We had to go through three animators for Team Sonic alone, hence all of the delays.

Q: When is SEGA Shorts coming out?
A: Soon! We’re wrapping up some animations for it, and then we can release it! Keep an eye out for it!

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