New untitled Sonic racing game teased at SXSW

As a final announcement at SXSW, a tiny clip was played that featured a partially silhouette logo with an “R” highlighted (eagle-eye readers will know it’s the ‘R’ from the logo of SEGA Saturn classic ‘Sonic R’), and a partial view of a black car.

You can see the clip via the Sonic the Hedgehog twitter account below:

That was literally it. When more news comes up about the game, we’ll let you know!

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    1. I’m excited too! I love Sonic, and I love racing, so this game is going to be fun and awesome!

  1. I am happy that there’s a new racing game coming, but I wish they’d knock it off with the cryptic teasers.

  2. I said, back when I first heard the rumours, that I’d wait until official word came out before getting my hopes up.

    Today, I’m getting my hopes up 😀

    1. I am getting my hopes up for a few reasons. I really enjoyed the teaser for some reason, something about Sound design in Sonic trailers and the series in general is just awesome. The teaser itself, I’d guess immediately it’s some kind of racing game but I am intrigued to know what kind of game it is in that same vein. I was hoping for something that would lift spirits after Forces mixed reception, and Mania Plus delivered on that, but for something else that could just be a lot of fun a racing game might just fill that void.

  3. it can’t be a sonic r sequel OR reboot
    if you look closely it says “acing” next to the r

  4. It’s still a Sonic racing game, when they say that it’s not a sequel they probably mean that it’s not part of the “and SEGA” racing series and instead is focussed solely on Sonic characters.

    I think the game will be similar in some respect to Sonic R where you have certain characters in vehicles (like Amy and Eggman) and others on foot (like Sonic and the gang), but instead you can choose the vehicle for your selected character.
    I hope this game will have vehicle customisation like from the Mario Kart series, as that always adds a nice amount of variety when racing.

  5. Sonic Racing sequel.
    Those games were seen as Mario Kart clones. Upon release “they” will be compare this new game in every aspect to mario kart 8 deluxe……..

    this is bad, this is very very bad.

    1. This racing game isn’t a sequel to any Sonic racing before. Aaron confirmed that back at SXSW panel.

  6. Classic or Modern?!…
    (Probably Modern but with at least a guest appearance for Classic Sonic…)
    I hope there’ll be a Story Mod like in the SONIC RIDERS series!!…

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