CB.com: “New Sonic Game To Be Revealed At SXSW”

Rumours of a new Sonic racer being in development have been rife since the end of January, with SXSW just over the horizon, many fans have speculated as to if this would be the place for an announcement.

Well according to comicbook.com, a new Sonic game will be announced at this event!

CB.com managed to interview Ivo Gerscovich who is the chief brand officer for Sonic in America and in the same article they said the following.

And this year is looking to be just as fast for him, with the announcement of a live action/CGI movie coming next year and a new game set to be announced next month during SXSW Gaming.

Now in the interview, Ivo is not directly quoted as confirming a game announcement at SXSW, however he did have this to say about the movie…

The film-makers have a very unique and exciting vision in mind for the story, and we can’t wait to see how this blend of CGI/live action comes to life on the big screen!

We’ll keep you updated with more information as we get it.

Source: Comicbook.com

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  1. Seems a bit early for a game announcement I think. Somehow I was expecting a Forces overhaul of some sort but that’s just wishful thinking.

    Although Sonic Team can pull off one year turnarounds for Sonic games, it’s not wise when there’s a higher requirement for the overall Fidelity of modern games, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. If there is a new game on the way, I hope it’s been in the works for a while and not focused on graphics in particular.

    1. It’s most likely going to be that racing game all the rumours have been about, and those are typically developed by a third-party studio.

      1. Makes sense. I don’t think multiple projects is a load that Sonic Team can take anymore. To my knowledge a number of key members have been assigned to new projects and teams or they’ve moved on. Many of them are newcomers now but the team overall is still quite small.

        1. And outsourcing is nothing new: they’ve been doing it since 1991, when they had Aspect working on the 8-bit Sonic 1.

  2. Can anyone name a CGI/Live-action movie (a la Smurfs, Garfield etc.) that was ever better than just average?

    1. the 2 paddington movies based on the childrens book are critically acclaimed, with the second one even having a 100% on rotten tomatoes. so there is your answer

      1. Follow up question: Can you name a reason why SEGA didn’t hire the writers of THAT movie, instead of whatever cheap writers they got from the bottom of the barrel?

      2. I’m not sure the Paddington movies count, as there’s only one main CGI character.

    2. Yeah: Paul, Ted, Ted 2…

      But you can’t really compare this to those. Just like you can’t with Smurfs and Garfield. Two children’s comedy movies.

      Sonic is gonna be an action movie. Action movies with CGI/live action? I guess you could compare it to the TMNT which were okay popcorn movies.

  3. If the rumors about it being a racing game are true, I hope it will either be a new Sonic Riders game or a forting game similar to Sonic R.

      1. not to burst anyones bubble but i personally think that the racing game that the toy companys were mentioning in interviews was the sonic board that was on kickstarter, i mean its called sonic the hedgehog:battle RACERS and its about racing, but i could be wrong and it might be a videogame, who knowsm

        1. I don’t think so. Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers is just a kickstarter project. Big time toy companys have nothing to do with it.

  4. Racing game announcement, blatantly. The only other feasible announcement would be Sonic Mania 2. Announcement only though – presumably it would still be a long time away.

  5. I’m really hoping for a movie teaser image or some casting news too. I’m sure we’ll get something.

  6. There’s been a lowkey rumour floating around that Sonic Team’s been working on a remake of Sonic Heroes at the same time as Forces. I’m honestly hoping it’s true.

  7. I’m excited about what they may reveal, hopefully it will be continuation of the Sonic Riders series but made by the experienced Sumo Digital.

    Also something to note, the mobile ports of Sonic and Sega all stars racing transformed have been took down off the App Store so maybe we will be getting a mobile version of this upcoming game too?

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