Sonic Forces used to have a VR mode

About a year ago, we brought you news that Sega was experimenting with Sonic in Virtual Reality and were looking to create a VR themed roller coaster.

Well it seems that experiments with Sonic and VR were not just limited to theme park attractions. Based on files found in the PC version of Sonic Forces, it looks like there was a VR mode/demo in the game.

The Cutting Room floor discovered a single splash screen in the files for the PC version of the game. The file in question is located within “vr_stage.pac“.

This is all that appears to be left over, so for those of you hoping for footage of this mode, we’ll just have to use our imaginations on that.

Also as an interesting side note, the game really was at one point entitled ‘Sonic 2017’.

Source: The Cutting Room Floor

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  1. Seems the game had a lot of stuff they scrapped in favor of….well….nothing. Meeting a release date I guess?

    1. That’s what happens when you get the guy that caused your biggest flop of all time to try it again nearly 10 years later

  2. Probably cancelled when they realized VR is kinda pointless in a game that’s primarely in 2d.
    Altough now I wonder if the VR mode is partly responsible why a lot of the game is automated.

  3. Vr makes me vomit, sonic forces has a similar effect. Perfect match?
    Yeah I can’t see VR ever working in any Sonic game ever. Shows just how out of touch the forces team was.

    1. How is rejecting an idea that won’t work proof they’re out of touch? VR is the hot new thing right now: they’d be out of touch *not* to look into it.

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