Second Toy Maker Hints At A Sonic Racer Game

Following on from Zappies claiming that a new Sonic racer was on the way, now a second toy maker has also hinted that a Sonic racer is in development.

At the New York Toy Fair, Diamond Select Toys have revealed their new line of Sonic toys, during an interview with Pixel Dan, when talking about the Sonic toys, the toy fair rep said the following.

“There are some minifigures […] some come with diorama pieces you’re going to build a race track from the game…

Whilst it’s possible that this is in relation to ASRT or a past racer game, it seems very unlikely that this is for a previous racing title since they’re several years old now. The fact it mentions racetrack suggests that it is in vehicles so it’s unlikely that these would be Sonic R related products.


The Sonic section begins at 8:32 and the ‘from the game’ line starts at around 9:00.

So what do you think? The rumours are certainly starting to add up now aren’t they?

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  1. Racing in and of itself does kind of fit the build of what a lot of main series characters were built for. Sonic R did the obvious with footracing in mind, with Sonic Drift and itssl sequel being the precursor in Kart racing. The Riders series took the technology aesthetic from some previous games and built it into a cool set of racing games, putting you on foot if you reach out of air (our gravity), which was a nice touch. Both all-stars games did a decent job of making a cohesive racer that respects the wide cast of Sega characters.

    Don’t really know how it would turn out, and I’m sure a few people are still feeling disappointed after Forces, but I think a break in the form of a fun spinoff could work wonders right about now. Guess I’ll keep an eye out for any more news to see if it’s a thing or not. Otherwise, there’s a lot of fav projects to look forward to along with a wealth of dataminin and mods/fixes for Forces. Nonetheless, thanks for the article Hogfather.

    1. I heard that the new Sonic racing game was only for Sonic characters. I already have Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed so that’s okay. If only my stupid 3DS was still working. So a few things I want for Sonic All-Stars Kart Racing 3 is for it to be for 3DS and characters should include Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Dr. Egg-man, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Rouge, Metal Sonic, and a custom character.

  2. Cool, I guess SEGA will be revealing the new Sonic racing game this March at SXSW 2018.
    …And here I thought Minecraft coming to the Nintendo Switch was the worst kept secret in gaming.

  3. It’s at times like this I wish the SEGA Forums hadn’t closed! There could be speculation and clarification abound! I want to be unbanned from Sonic Stadium’s Forums, and not put up with waiting for the forums to return in the summer!

  4. Yeah, I’m the guy with the sideburns in the video. I meant the racetrack Sonic uses in every game. Call it a course, a level, whatever. The place where he runs. Sorry for any confusion. We used that term in our press release, as well, and I saw a similar comment here, but we are doing classic games, not anything upcoming.

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