Namco and Sega bring Pac-Man over to Sonic Dash

In a couple of silly tweets, it seems Sonic has called Pac-Man to come over and celebrate the 5th anniversary of Sonic Dash and after saying hi to himself and playing with….an arcade machine, Pac-Man has taken the call and decided to join the party.

Obviously this is just Namco along with Sega and Hardlight Studios teasing that Pac-Man will be an upcoming character in Sonic Dash as the successful mobile game celebrates it’s 5th anniversary. Expect to see Pac-Man in the game very soon.

Sonic Dash is available on iOS and Google play


  1. This outta be fun. Gives me an excuse to play Sonic Dash again. Can’t help but wonder though, will there be ghosts and power pellets?

  2. Since Pac-Man has arrived on Dash 1, I’m wondering if he’ll arrive on Dash 2 as well. If he does, he’ll most likely have his Ghostly Adventures appearance. I’ll be fine with that. If they also want to add Spiral & Cylindria as well, then that’s fine too.

    I just hope that Dash 2 gets some new content soon. It hasn’t gotten anything new for what seems to be 2 years now.

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