Someone Makes a Shadow the Hedgehog Presentation for a Party, Becomes Legend

What do you do when a friend organises a house party that requires every person to produce a three-minute Powerpoint presentation about a topic they are passionate about? If your answer is anything other than ‘talk about the philosophy of Shadow the Hedgehog’s morality in the Sonic series’, then you truly need to step your game up, my friend.

Because that’s exactly software engineer Michal (@Miexriir on Twitter) decided to do, and now her work has become the stuff of true legend.

Titled ‘An Exploration of Shadow the Hedgehog’s True Moral Compass (& Knuckles)’, Michal appears, through the photos she’s shared on her Twitter account, to go into some serious detail; from charting Shadow’s good/evil choices in the 2005 Shadow the Hedgehog video game, to boxing Sonic series characters into an Alignment System chart… to even working in John Locke’s Tabula Rasa as a reference.

“But… why?” Why not, honestly. We think this is brilliant, and we can’t wait to see Michal take her thesis to TED and broadcast the finer details of Shadow’s ‘grumpy git syndrome’ to the whole world.

Michal, we salute you. Now… can we commission a report from you about the Marxist themes underpinning the character Big the Cat?

Source: Twitter (via Buzzfeed)

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  1. That’s nice and all, but PLEEEEEEASE show it to us!

    Blog entry, youtube video, anything! Knowledge somewhere is awesome Shaddow analyses that I will never see, is somethink that will worsen my day, rather then improve it.

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