New Cover Image Revealed for IDW Sonic, Tracy Yardley Confirmed to be Back

Solicits for the new IDW Sonic Comic are due out very soon, and to whet the appetite for them IDW has made two exciting reveals today!

First up, one of the cover images for the first issue has been revealed. Harking back to the very start, this cover (which is most likely one of the variants) features Sonic running through a loop in Green Hill, showing off a different perspective from the very talented artist who drew it, as well as lovely inks and colours from the rest of the art team.

Speaking of which, the artist in question is the other news; IDW have confirmed that Tracy Yardley will be returning to work with them on the comic! It’s not yet known if he’ll just be doing cover work for a while like Hesse or doing actual interiors, but Yardley was a treasured artist during his decade-long stint on Archie Sonic, so there’s bound to be more than a few fans pleased that his name is on the books once again!

As always, we will have more news on the new comic as it comes out. And with the solicit period imminent, that’s going to be very soon, so watch this space closely!

Source: Facebook (IDW Publishing)

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  1. Eh, Yardleys work was one of the things I was looking forwards to a new start leaving behind. Always so underwhelming tbh. Not really a great start.

  2. Another disappointment. I’m not big on the way Yardley draw faces. And why do they seem to be aping Archie? I was really hoping this comic aimed at being something great, rather than Archie 2.0.

    Still, I may be proven wrong. That cover looks promising, because it’s 100% SegaSonic and 0% Archie. I hope the actual content is like that and they don’t introduce any Archie or Dic characters.

    1. There’s a possibility the style guide has been put in place by Sega, and it’s the same style guide they put in place for Archie, hence the similarities. But that’s just speculation: only Sega, IDW, and Archie know the truth, and I guess they’re not interested in spilling (nor do they need to, tbh).

    2. The main reason I read the Sonic Archie Comics.. is because of the SatAM characters! Without them, it’s nothing.

      Over the years, the Sega Sonic games are always the same story with nothing new. Same crap!

  3. Haters already? Why doesn’t that surprise me! Ah well, people have there own views. I for one am very much looking forward to this!

    1. That’s what’s missing! Every time I looked at that, I always thought something was off, but could never put my finger on it.

        1. Yeah: I got the info from Lily while I was visiting Station Square last month. Sadly, Amy was out of town for the weekend.

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