New Sonic Toys For 2018

In what could be argued as being the first big reveal for 2018. Tomy has updated their re-seller catalogue for 2018 which includes a lot of brand new Sonic toys covering action figures and plushies.

With regards to action figures we have a new a classic Amy pack which comes with a metal art plate and a Classic and Modern Eggman pack which also comes with an art plate.

But more interestingly, Zavok is finally getting a figure and Infinite is also getting the action figure treatment along with some Chao accessories.

More modern based figures, but the most interesting thing on show here is the comic book packs, you see… that doesn’t appear to be an Archie or IDW comic book, but something completely new!

Terror, excitement, confusion… all in one page. On the one hand with have the awesome looking classic Sonic figure, and the utterly stunning looking Super Sonic plush…. Only to find Amy and Vector who appears to be hitch hiking.

More plush toys planned, this time we see a new Classic Eggman and an Evil Chao figure join the line! Also is it just me or is Knuckles giving Shadow a bit of a look there?

More on these as and when we get the details in.

Source: Tomy




  1. Of course you don’t even bring up the new Boom merge of Emoji Shadow and Eggman or the alt outfits and keychains

      1. It didn’t get mentioned because if you live outside of the US Tomy redirects you to the EU one, so being from the UK it’s very difficult to access the entire range So I had to go off what others had posted.

        That’s why I didn’t mention those things.

        Oh and can the we just drop the Boom is a failure argument already and face reality. Yeah such a failure… 2 seasons of the show, expanding into new territories and is getting a third wave of toys in 2018.

        Such a failure people are still investing in it and it’s still selling…

      2. Sane people know boom was a failure. The fact they have to delete comments stating it is pretty sad. Honestly who defends that garbage?

        1. No… No chill here. “Sane people” implying getting enjoyment out of a different iteration of a ‘fictional’ blue hedgehog and noticing that despite a rough start it’s become critically and commercially successful makes you insane.

          Okay. You’re allowed to believe that and I’m allowed to think that’s incorrect. From one sane man to another have a nice day.

  2. Holy shit. I’m actually more excited about Zavok and Infinite then the others, literally just because they’re not the same characters we keep getting over and over.

  3. I love that Tomy is spreading from their comfort zones and expanding their horizon a bit on these characters. Zavok and Infinite deserve a spotlight after Forces, and what better way then making them into figures? The new Modern Egg man figure pack is looking sweet too. Glad to finally have an ability to get an Eggman figure since Jazwares. Boom eggman is great, but FINALLY. MODERN EGGMAN AND INFINTE Figures!!

  4. So we have….

    -More Sonic
    -More Tails
    -More Knuckles
    -More Eggman
    -A Classic Amy who’s seen some f**ked-up sh*t
    -More Metal Sonic
    -A Vector plush with nearly as much brain-damage as the current President of the United States (nearly, not quite)
    -A bunch of renders which look infinitely (pun intended) better than the final product will
    -A chao plush which will satisfy the collectors who remember chao/still give a crap about collecting Sonic stuff in 2017
    -A Knuckles plush who is WAY too into the Shadow plush next to him (despite wearing red sacks on his feet).
    -and a Sonic re-pack with a Green Hill base where you can hide some dank nugs of chemo-kush.

    Man…I miss collecting Sonic stuff. Y’know, when it was worth the cardboard backing the name was printed on. Tomy has literally no respect for the brand, and people doling out for this crap have no respect for themselves.

  5. I am honestly so excited for this. The classic/modern Amy, Metal Sonic and Eggman packs are going to be great for anyone who collected the Jazwares range and didn’t have the opportunity to get these figures when they were available – from what I have seen they are very similar in size/proportions. That Super Sonic plush looks so great too. Infinite and Zavok are great additions and I hope Tomy continue to expand their range and make other characters like Rouge.

  6. Which is why CN banished it to Boomerang right? It will sell cheap overpriced happy meal-esque toys but that’s it it has failed to be even a quarter of what it was hyped up to be.

  7. And no amount of high octane apologetic olympics can deny that Sega has written it off, they haven’t tired to fix or double down on it they’re only reaction is apathy towards it.

  8. I still think that Boom Shadow is more Black-Hearted Evil than Modern Shadow’s Brave-Hearted Hero.

  9. When does Infinite come out? Also, is he a plush or action figure because I would like to go to sleep with him.

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