Sonic Forces PS4 Trophies List Revealed [SPOILERS]

With less than a month to go until the official release date of Sonic Forces, PSN Profiles has listed all 46 trophies that can be achieved in the PS4 version of the game.

Be warned: some spoilers ahead!

The trophies list from those that you might expect, such as collecting red rings and completing the game, however some reveal more detail of what the gameplay will constitute:

  • There are achievements for liberating zones, and one for liberating the world – which appears to be the main objective of the game
  • Many of the achievement titles are word plays or tributes to past games, such as Sextuple Trouble (a play on Triple Trouble – Game Gear game), Mean Egg Machine (Mean Bean Machine – the Puyo Puyo clone for Megadrive/Genesis) and Infinite Possibilites (Endless Possibilities – the theme song of Sonic Unleashed)
  • There will be a feature in which you can rent other friend’s avatars
  • There will be over 500 parts by which to customise your avatar
  • Daily missions appear to be a feature of the online play

The full list of achievements can be viewed via PSN Profiles.


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  1. Was never really bothered by spoilers anyway. After having a look at that list, seems there’s a lot more to this game than I thought, just hoping the gameplay matches up to the offering. Some of those puns though… what has been seen cannot be unseen.

  2. One of the Achievements is called ‘Freedom Fighter’, hopefully that reference was intentional.
    I know the freedom fighters won’t ever be featured in a game which seems to share exactly the same premise as the cartoon they’re from, but it would be nice to think that that achievement was named with them in mind.

  3. Well at least they weren’t lying about having a BUNCH of content to keep you playing this game for as long as you want. This does seem to give enough replayability, though I’m still hoping that the final release will be much more refined than what we’ve witnessed so far, if that’s still possible.

  4. It’s weird that Zavok has an achievement for beating him but not Chaos, Metal, or Shadow. Or even a second one for Eggman. Infinite has three for beating him but Eggman just has one. It’s definitely odd.

  5. So there’s no Chaos or Shadow bosses

    3 with infinite, 1 zavok and 1 Eggman it seems.

    could be 5 in total maybe? which could mean this game is shorter then it seems.

  6. Cool! Also did no one notice that on the right where it shows ‘Modes’, it says Single-player, Multiplayer, and Co-operative? ?

  7. A few people noting the boss battle achievements, the one thing that stands out most is that we KNOW there’s going to be a Metal Sonic boss since the song for it has been released already, but there’s no achievement for that one, so here’s hoping that there’s just no cheevos for all the boss battles.

  8. I love that there’s so many missions, reminds me of the best time I had with a Sonic game which was doing the missions in Unleashed. Also, silver moon rings

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