Sonic Forces’ Custom Hero Drills through Space Port, shows off rental hero & Infinite boss battle

With Sonic Force’s release now just three weeks away, SEGA is now finally showing off new parts of the game. Today’s trio of videos center around the game’s Avatar character, a boss battle and a somewhat new stage: Space Port.

I say somewhat because Space Port is technically the frozen-over Chemical Plant level we got our first screenshots of last week. It would appear the plant has been converted into launch base of some sort, with the chemicals now frozen solid in their tubes and vats. The “Rental Hero” feature allows you to rent other player’s heroes, and switch to them mid-level. SEGA also showed off a boss battle between the Avatar character and Force’s new antagonist, Infinite.

You can check out all three videos below:

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  1. Hm.. Sonic didn’t stand a chance against Infinite but your OC is kicking his ass. I wonder what changed?

  2. Every time they show new footage of this game I get less enthusiastic about it. Think this might end up being a step down from Generations.

  3. Absolutely love the look of this. The Drill looks great, the music is good but the possibility of at least one QTE makes me unreasonably excited

  4. I don’t know about this game. each video the game is looking more and more unfinished and seem’s like its playing itself. the level designs don’t look much and that boss battle seems meh compared to past boss battles like Unleashed which had a lot more going for them.

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