SEGA Release Part One of a Sonic Forces digital comic

If the death of Archie Sonic has left a void in your heart, you won’t have to wait until IDW Sonic launches next April to fill it. SEGA has launched the first part of a four part Sonic Forces digital comic. Written by Ian Flynn, with art and lettering by Adam Bryce Thomas, it follows an unnamed member of the Resistance as he conquers his fears and aids the Chaotix in a battle against Eggman’s forces.

You can read the comic here.


  1. Though I was hoping for Game related news, this was a nice surprise. Never read any iterations of the Archie or Fleetway comics so it’s nice to have something accessible even if it’s just small. Quite a good read as well, love the art composition in each panel, plus the airships and weapons look awesome in this style, very dynamic. Looking forward to more.

  2. Cool stuff! I’m very happy for all the attention Sonic Forces is getting, and the franchise as a whole, this is truly the year of Sonic!

    Also I kind of feel Sonic Forces may start a new status quo for Sonic…

  3. It’s as if the comics never ended, pretty spot on. I’ve got great faith in the team so far if this is the kind of quality we can expect.

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