Bubsy Awkwardly Stares at Kid in a Sonic Costume in new game trailer

Bubsy’s back, and he’s brought his bad jokes with him. In the latest trailer for Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back, Bubsy’s house is visited by a kid in a Sonic costume. Just…watch it:

For those who may not understand why the trailer is poking fun at Sonic, Bubsy was essentially a character meant to crib Sonic’s attitude and game play. He was one of many 90s mascots with ‘tude that attempted to do this. He was one of the only ones who was any good at it.


  1. They put out a trailer with animation this bad after the Tyson Hesse masterpiece we saw a few months ago. That’ll show us Sonic fans.

  2. I really hope you mean Sonic was one of the only mascots that was good, because that sentence is ambiguous and Bubsy always has been and always will be shit.

  3. Why would you call Bubsy good at it? He wasn’t…?

    Crash Bandicoot, sure, but Bubsy is mostly remembered as the character who led the charge of shameless mascots who couldn’t hold a candle.

  4. I’m impressed with the level of work the Sonic kid did on his costume. Would have loved to see a kid do the same level of work in real life.

    As for the bubsy game, meh, just meh. It looks like a downgraded version of the developers old Giana Sisters game if you ask m,e.

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