Aaron Webber Confirms Sonic Forces will have a “lower difficulty” mode

In a NEOGaf thread discussing Sonic Forces, Sonic Social and PR Manager Aaron Webber confirmed that the game would have a lower difficult mode. Webber confirmed this to alleviate some concerns raised over a Forces video released by GameSpot a few days ago. In this video, the custom hero’s ring count capped off at one-hundred and only lost twenty when he was hit. Webber also confirmed that the game’s regular difficulty will not have this ring cap and getting hit will still result in the loss of all rings, aside from those the player is able to recollect, like nearly every other Sonic game.

To see this mode in action, check out the video embedded below:


  1. Easy mode in a modern Sonic game? Must be for the game journalists since they can’t even beat the cuphead tutorial without help.

  2. Unless the standard difficulty is cranked up much higher than it was in Colors and Generations, this Easy Mode is pointless, and only serves to feed what appears to be a worrying trend in modern gaming: placating gamers who complain loudly adn aggressively about even the slightest challenge.

    1. People should be allowed to enjoy the at their own place, without being penalized for not being “gud”.

      If a game is too hard, you’re not going to get much out of it, let alone SEE the rest of the game and its content. And losing one time too many results in rage-quiting and possible returns. Kaizo difficulty (especially according to word of mouth) also alienates people from ever buying the game.

      1. I’ve heard this argument so many times, and more often than not, it ends up at the same place: that games shouldn’t offer a challenge at all. And if you take all the challenge out of a game, can it really be called a game anymore? Isn’t it just an interactive movie at that point?

        I’m not saying Sonic should be Dark Souls level of difficulty, as that would be ridiculous. But if Forces is as easy as Generations was (and Generations is probably the easiest Sonic game of all time), then having an even easier mode is indeed pointless. If, however, the base difficulty is more like Mania or Sonic 2, then an Easy Mode starts to make some sense.

  3. So you CAN still scramble to recollect your rings! Yes!

    I knew SEGA wouldn’t shoot themselves in the foot with something so basic, especially in a post-Sonic Lost World/Boom/Runners era.

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