Sonic R: The Original Prototype Uploaded

Every game which is licensed out starts with a pitch, quite often these pitches stay locked up, away from public eyes, only sometimes these pitches leak out for all to see.

Sonic R was a licensed game which started off this way, it all began with a pitch and today it found it’s way online, only this didn’t get leaked. It got deliberately posted by the founder of Travellers Tales, Jon Burton to YouTube.

As expected from a pitch video, it’s very incomplete, it shows Sonic running around a test track of sorts, few animations exist in the game, the loops don’t work and Sonic sometimes falls through the floor.

But this offers a fascinating insight into the development of an early 3D title. There are some noticeable changes and differences to the final product such as different textures for some objects.

Check out the YouTube video for the full video.

If you’re interested in seeing other prototypes, the channel also contains video for a cancelled Micky Mania 2 and a Wallace & Gromit GGI concept project.


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