Sonic Forces: Speed Battle on iOS Mobile Store

A new mobile game to tie into Sonic Forces has been added to the iPhone/iPad app store out of the blue!

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is a multiplayer racer. While it’s level design looks like Sonic Dash, you can use weapons to hurt opponents ala the Sonic Rivals series. It also features a system which allows you to upgrade your characters, some of which are unlockable. Below is the full description from the store listing.

Instantly race and compete with real players from around the world. Sprint, grind, and battle your way through real opponents in real-time four-player races. Pick-up and deploy weapons during the race and unleash them to gain the edge for victory!

Compete as Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow and more! Unlock and upgrade new characters and weapons to build the ultimate team.

– Attack with an arsenal of power-ups and weapons
– Master and upgrade common and character specific weapons
– Chase and maneuver opponents into spikes, badniks, and mines
– Go faster with on-track dash pads, springs, grind rails, and boost rings.
– Race on growing variety of new and challenging tracks

– Race as Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rogue, and more
– Unlock new and rare characters including Omega, Vector, Espio
– Compete for gold and red star rings in every race to upgrade your characters
– Dominate live events and top the leaderboards

What’s interesting about the screenshots is that one of the courses seems to be set in Sky Sanctuary. While not absolutely certain, it does suggest that it will appear in the main game. Likewise, Omega and Rouge being present here may be a good sign for them being in the console versions.

While the store says that it was released on 11th September, there are currently no accounts of people playing the game as of writing. It appears to be a free app with ads that can be removed with an in-app purchase, like quite a few mobile Sonic games before.

We will have more on this if more information becomes apparent.

Source: iOS Store


    1. I think it’s rather fair. Why? Because Android users got Sonic Runners Adventure exclusively for their platform of choice, now we iOS users have Sonic Forces Speed Battle as an exclusive iOS title. So there.

  1. With Green Hill returning, and Chemical Plant and Sky Sanctuary implied to be returning, I see no reason to buy the actual game. Might as well just play Generations.

  2. Ok, I just want to say that as much as Classic Sonic being in Forces is a bad decision, everything else is pointing to this game being hands-down, without a doubt, the greatest 3D Sonic game of all time. Customisable character? Genius. Tag team mode? Spectacular. All-star rogues gallery? Check. Weaponised edge in the cringy music? As present as ever, thank god. I love that shit. Link to Sonic Mania? Oh hell yeah. I’m in.

    So, any of you who say that Sonic Forces will be bad, read that list and try to justify your opinion in light of it. I await your response.

    1. Custom characters are stupid. There you go.
      Hands down the best 3D title? I’d call that reaching, but it’s more like reaching with a stick on a stick on an extendable robot arm.

    2. I love the cheesy music too! Especially in Sonic Adventure 2. I feel it gives 3D Sonic a certain charm that other games don’t have. Honestly this game looks more interesting than games like Colors or Generations. I don’t care if Forces doesn’t score well with reviewers, which it probably won’t. I’m still going to play it regardless and make my own judgement on it.

    3. How do those make Sonic Forces look any good?

      All I see is a lazy game full of rehashes. Custom Character? Absolutely stupid. Just another reason to have the “wisps” in a Sonic game, because Iizuka thinks a Sonic game can’t be good without them! And the music, outside of Infinte’s theme, is awful.

      Are we also going to ignore how Sonic Unleashed (2008) has hands down better graphics than this game?

    4. Or… everyone, including you, could just wait for the game to come out.

      A list of content is meaningless if the execution of said content isn’t handled well. None of the points you made are bad in theory, but whether or not they’re good in practice is yet to be seen. Kinda like how Communism is good “in theory”….and yet, has not been implemented successfully in history.

    5. Classic Sonic is a good decision. for now Forces has potential. but according to most previews the game is very dull in the gameplay front. It’s out soon so lets hope the rest of the game will be better than the demos that were released. seeing as those demos are what’s giving the game abit of bad rap.

    6. @BruteTartarus67

      Ok I read your list… it’s basically is a list of ‘features’ that the game has… Now here is my list… which is a list of gameplay stuff… the thing which we actually judge how good a game is based on…

      The level design is utterly naff.

      The game artificially forces the player in one direction, sometimes locking them out of returning to a previous part of it, therefore completely voiding exploration of a stage.

      The game artificially creates a sense of speed and achievement by automating sections instead of letting the player actually overcome a challenge and obstacle.

      The automation is by far one of the worst in any game to date, some stages the player isn’t in control of what’s happening for nearly 40-50% of the time they play (based on clock timing speed).

      And everything else I wrote about in this article.

      And that’s without getting started on the buddy buddy gameplay.

      Now if you really want to stand by ‘greatest every 3D Sonic game’ maybe you should start looking at actual gameplay and design instead of ‘features’.

      1. Thank you. It’s an insult to even to compare this to most 3D Sonic games. This one gets thrown in the trash bin with Lost World.

  3. Aaaaaaand as usual the cool things aren’t on Android.
    Why are the cool things NEVER on Android… ;-;

    1. Because the overpriced iOS device set sells more despite the fact that my $35 smartphone from Straight Talk can do a lot more than any iOS device (and the least expensive one currently available costs literally ten times that, and that’s no exaggeration). Android should what iOShouldn’t, to make a joke about the old commercials for the Sega Genesis always said in the ad campaign for the system (yes, I’m that guy #NerdsRule)

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