Sonic Forces: Japanese Story Trailer Released


Sega of Japan have uploaded a new Sonic Forces trailer, unlike previous trailers, this one focuses on the story of the game.

For those looking for new gameplay footage, you’ll have to wait a bit longer, the trailer showcases several cut scenes from the game depicting a few new locations such as the Resistance HQ and Eggmans HQ.

There are a number of story spoilers here, nothing too big, but several previously unannounced characters make an appearance and details about Infinite’s origin are also mentioned. If you are avoiding spoilers you might not want to watch.

Oh and, some very nice Sonic fans were able to provide a subtitled version of the trailer, be sure to thank them after the beep.


So if you dont care about a few minor spoilers. Let us know what you think in the comments.


  1. First! And even though I don’t like to admit this the first time I watched trailer I was squealing with excitement. I just loved it and gave me more confidence in the game even though they did have a good amount of time to make it so there’s little chance of screwing this up.

  2. Can’t wait to get this game for Christmas this year. I’m also getting the Sonic Mania and some Hatsune Miku: Project Diva game.

  3. Looks and sounds amazing. My only gripe is classic Sonic. He seems a little unnecessary in this one. Don’t get me wrong, I love him to death, but why is he here?

    1. Because of mania. both stories are connected.

      and the fact it’s basically Generations but with more custom options.

      lastly this is another Anniversary game. (they just delay them both to this year)

      1. If every anniversary game has classic Sonic, then we’ll be getting him in every other game.

        (Btw, the idea that Classic and Modern Sonic are different characters is a stupid idea in the first place.)

    2. Sonictoast, I agree about Classic Sonic’s inclusion. At least there’s still time to see if he’s well executed in the game.

  4. “For those who don’t care. Let us know what you think in the comments”. Not entirely sure what you meant by that bit but nonetheless, nice piece of news, appreciate the notification as well.

    I’ve been interested in Forces from the get go if I’m honest, from seeing the first trailer with a more serious tone, Sonic with clenched fists and an unpleased expression on his face, I’ve been interested to see what direction they’d go in. The first trailer is like a manifestation of Sonic’s description that I first read in the Heroes manual when I was five years old, so seeing that make a return does admittedly make me feel good.

    The gameplay has been a mixed bag so far I guess, more ups than their are downs but it’s more of a level design issue than it is how the character plays I think. While it’s not entirely what I thought it would be, I am nonetheless impressed with a large number of aspects. Whether that’s the refinement of the boost so that it’s less disorientating and a bit more physics based, or classic Sonic feeling more weighted in his platforming, i.e not having a fixed bounce height when jumping on enemies, I’d say there have been more steps forward than their have been steps back. The Custom character’s a special case I think. I believe it does fix an issue of not having character’s that follow Sonic’s style of play but still having distinct abilities, so I believe that’s cool. I’m still wavering on how closely they follow some of Sonic’s physics but otherwise, I’m cool with their addition. I’m happy with the options of customisation options, particularly with the wispons so that it’s not entirely cosmetic and I am interested as to what the final product will be like.

    In regards to this trailer now. It does give more of an idea of this story’s direction. If it didn’t seem so before, Infinite seems to be more than a problem for Sonic on his own, this being the same guy that; beat a god in both his neutral and perfect forms first time, a robot who naturally can’t fatigue in a race, can go head to head with a hedgehog with chaos power and alien blood and put mother (father maybe?) nature back to sleep by destroying it’s seven eyes. I’d say for infinite, that’s an achievement of some sort. Eggman having seemingly had a hand in his creation is something so putting that IQ to work, plus infinite seems to be an organic and biological creation as opposed to robotic much like Shadow and the biolizard’s creation were an achievement for Professor Gerald. There seems to be an element of time and dimension shifting in the story’s progression which worries me for the same reason people don’t like 06’s and to a degree Mania’s story direction but the overall objective here is saving the world so I’d say it’s fairly focused in addition to the focus on one villain in particular with multiple barriers to get through to him in the form of other characters.

    On the other hand, I’m happy that some of the characters personalities feel more fleshed out. Knuckles, taking up a leading role and Amy giving out information based on circumstance rather than being an overall liability.

    Some people have said in the past that because they’re cartoon characters meant to fill out a gameplay style, their’s no reason for them to have deep stories. Honestly, I say why not, Disney have done that for years and taught many lessons through fictional unrealistic characters. Some of us love Sonic as a franchise on the basis that it got us through tough times in our lives and taught us life lessons, it’s a pretty flexible series and much like life, the tone fluctuates on a whim, why not let it be what it wants to be.

    Regardless however, the game’s story and snippets of the gameplay are holding my intrigue. I won’t really know if I like it til I’ve played it but based on what I’m seeing, it’s improving in a good few areas. As the old addage goes, ‘slow and steady wins the race’, even in Sonic’s case.

    My only real critique is the visual style, some character models, the lighting and to a degree some of the sound. Points one, two and four are trivial really, these are influenced by my personal past experience with the series as opposed to the game itself so don’t hold much weight. The lighting on its own just feels off in some areas. This is generally because, we have a very colourful cast of characters, so when they’re in a scene, if they aren’t lit correctly they just feel out of place similar to the ‘white room’ effect where because the light source is indiscernible objects (people in particular) feel out of place all of a sudden.

    It may be similar to early shots of Sonic Unleashed where not all global illumination had been calculated yet so things felt unfinished but who knows, the characters casting more discernible shadows on themselves and some reflections are much better though.

    Looking forward to see what’s next. My apologies for any spelling mistakes, misrepresented quotes or views and the like.

    1. For some reason my final edit never saved.

      Originally I kept the article completely spoiler free so I put in a line about “if you don’t care about spoilers let us know in the comments.

      1. Oh ok. Much appreciated Hogfather, sorry for the misunderstanding. It seems pretty obvious now when I look at it. Nonetheless, again interesting news and looking forward to new developments.

  5. I honestly feel like this’ll be extremely like Generations where I like it a lot, the general populace complains about it not being classic Sonic and the world moves on. Gotta say, while I hate the lyrics, I LOVE the instrumental of Fist Bump, especially in the change where the lyrics say “together we can…” ugh….so good.

  6. Despite what a lot of people are saying about the gameplay and how bland it may or may not look, you have to admit they’re really trying hard to at least make a good story out of this title.

    That, in the very least, makes me look forward to Forces.

  7. Still looks really mediocre at best to me. That theme song is horrible too, like I can deal with cheese, Heroes had some fun vocal tunes that were cheesier than a cheeseburger, but those lyrics plus that voice… cringey.
    Nothing about this game has me excited in the least. The only thing its got going for it that I can see is it not being a boom game and Infinite’s design looks cool I guess.

    1. I prefer Fist Bump over Sonic Heroes, to be honest. The lyrics may be cheesy, but nowhere close to the level of the latter. Not saying it’s a bad song, but at least with Fist Bump I can imagine a cool action scene taking place to it, and the vocals, whilst not the best, aren’t trash. I can imagine Sonic Heroes being the theme song to a Saturday morning cartoon.
      I can also see Fist Bump being some kind of anime op. I have no idea if that’s a complement or not.

        1. I agree with James actually. Not a horrible opinion at all -but a fair one. I feel like the song suits the situation (like /spoiler/ when it plays in the tag team levels it actually makes sense).

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