Sonic Adventure Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

The list of Xbox One backwards compatible games continues to grow and Sonic Adventure just joined the list.

Originally released on the Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure has found it’s way in recent years to the GameCube, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: Major Nelson

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  1. well that s wrong sonic adventure is only only dreamcast and maybe ps4, now xbox one. the dx is gamecube, pc and 360 and maybe ps3.

    1. You mean original Sonic Adventure was only on the Dreamcast.

      The DX version has been ported to the Gamecube,PC then PS3 and Xbox 360 (with some of it’s content missing, extra missions, Metal Sonic unlockable put into the DX dlc, the game itself is still based on the 2003 Gamecube/PC port rather then the Dreamcast version) and Now Xbox 1 with it’s backwards compatible, so far the only way to play SADX on PS4 if you stream the PS3 version with that PS Now thing, but your basically renting a game you could just get on PC with mods.

    2. What the hell…that is one of the most confusing, broken sentences I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading in my life!

    3. No. Sonic Adventure was originally on Dreamcast, yes. But Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut was released on the GameCube. But as for Xbox 360 and PS3, you can either choose to play it as Sonic Adventure or with the DX upgrade. Sonic Adventure is only a part of the PS Now on PS4.

  2. What’s odd (and frustrating), is that in order to play any backwards-compatible Xbox Live Arcade purchases ( the ones which were only available on the 360), you need to buy it USING an Xbox 360, with the exact same account… in order to play it on your Xbox One.

    For example: Last week, I wanted to purchase the Genesis Sonic games on the Live Arcade….and I was using my Xbox One. It told me that I couldn’t buy it on my account while using an Xbox One…..I had to buy it for Xbox 360….even though it’s the same account. This means that, while it may be available to play, now, on the Xone…..I have to have bought it first on the 360.

    I don’t know how it works for Playstation, but holy shit…they need to fix that sometime soon. It’s the same damn account, and it’s still their online store. Just bizarre…

    1. Not just that but not being able to use your Microsoft account to buy 360 games is annoying as well.

    1. I would love to be able to play Sonic Unleashed on my PS4 without the quick time events! I am bad at quick time events but I loved the story and when I din’t die becuse of a quick time events. I had a balst! 😀

  3. Hoping to see Unleashed personally. Sold my my 360 before I could finish the game, just made it to Adabat.

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