SEGA is Teaming Up With Hooters to Promote Sonic Forces

Well, of all the crazy collaborations we’ve seen over the last 17 years, we can’t say there’s been anything quite like this. To market the upcoming Sonic Forces in Japan, SEGA has announced that it is partnering with titillating bar and restaurant Hooters. Yes. Hooters. That one.

The collaboration was announced during SEGA’s Sonic-specific Tokyo Game Show livestream this past weekend, although not a lot of details were revealed (besides the fact that this bizarre crossover is not in fact a weird fever dream).

What we do know, is that the partnership will begin in mid-October and will likely target a number of select Hooters outlets; the presentation featured a slide that showed off some Tokyo-based branches that might see the collaboration happen – Shibuya West, Ginza and Akasaka.

More details are said to be coming within the next day or two; we’ll be sure to keep you abreast of any updates.

Pictures: 4gamer

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  1. Of all the questions I could possibly have right now, I think the most pressing one is “WWWWHHHHHYYYYYYY…?” This makes the Totinos Pizza Roll collaboration make much more sense by comparison. XP

  2. This is DISGUSTING! What’s next?! Sonic striptease bar, or what?! SEGA is getting indecent day by day!

  3. @Megasis Of course SEGA is drunk they made Sonic Forces (Kidding but also not). I’m not opposed to this, but probably cause I’m drunk. lol I dont care the game looks bleh but I’ll buy it Denuvo and all, and laugh like a supervillian when I use the inevitable crack to remove it because Sega won’t. Because I love Sonic and I just got done with a rant about global warming so whatever, I’m in that mood.

    I’m normally more reserved and calculated but it’s how i feel right now. yay h00ters!

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