Amazing Sonic Merchandise Up For Grabs at Tokyo Game Show

If you’re heading to Japan this year for Tokyo Game Show, then you’ll be happy to know that SEGA has prepared a metric tonne of incredible merchandise for you to buy on the show floor. Not only will there be interesting new Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces-themed items on sale, but a number of fresh items in a brand new ‘With Sonic’ range.

Sonic Mania fans can rock up to SEGA’s booth and purchase a set of branded chopsticks and/or a snazzy-looking mobile phone case, while modern Sonic fanatics can pick up a Sonic Forces themed T-shirt. You can also buy metal keyrings that feature logos for both games.

It’s the ‘With Sonic’ range that has our tongues wagging the most though, with some beautiful Sonic art mashed together with traditional ukiyo-e style artwork that transforms some of Sonic’s most iconic stage backgrounds into ancient Japanese scenery for a real blast to the past.

We’ve listed all the items below, for your information. In the meantime, if anyone wants to grab some of these bad boys and send them to us for… research purposes… that’d be just grand!

Note: All of these items should be available from Thursday September 21 from the ‘Sega Geeks Sales Corner’. But, you can also purchase them online from 23 September at either SEGA’s Ebten Store Page or SEGA’s ‘Mono Shop’ on Amazon JP.



Sonic Forces T-Shirt: Featuring the heroes of the game on one side, and the evil empire on the other, with the Sonic Forces logo printed on the sleeve. Available in M, L and XL for 2,600 Yen incl tax.

Sonic Forces Keychain: Die cast key holder, priced at 1,200 Yen incl tax.


Sonic Mania Chopsticks: Featuring the Green Hill Zone design shown above. Made for ‘eating together with Sonic’. Priced at 1,200 Yen incl tax.

Sonic Mania Keychain: Die cast key holder, priced at 1,200 Yen incl tax.

Sonic Mania Smartphone Covers: Make your mobile phone look super-groovy with this Sonic Mania motif. Comes in two sizes to accommodate multiple models of smartphone. The medium size is priced at 3,000 Yen incl tax, measures at H140 W70 D10mm and fits most iPhone and Android models (full phone compatibility list here). The large size is priced at 3,200 Yen incl tax, measures at H160 W80 D11mm and suits Plus-size Apple and Android phones (full phone compatibility list here).


Sonic T-Shirt: With an awesome ukiyo-e inspired printed design on the front and a logo motif on the back, as well as on the sleeve. Available in M, L and XL for 2,800 Yen incl tax.

Sonic Fan: Traditional Japanese fan with a Sonic-inspired interpretation of Asakusa Honsenji scenery. Priced at 1,800 Yen incl tax.

Sonic Tea Mug: A traditional Japanese tea cup with Asakusa Honsenji inspired illustrations baked onto the face. Perfect for a tea ceremony! Priced at 1,200 Yen incl tax.

Sonic Tatami Coasters: These will go great with the above Sonic tea cup. Representing three different eras of Sonic the Hedgehog – Classic, Adventure and Modern – and printed on tatami fabric for that authentic feel. Priced at 700 Yen each tax incl.


SEGA also featured a page on its website to promote a new series of badges that the company will be releasing to celebrate the SEGA Saturn console. Titled the ‘Sega Saturn Masterpiece Badge Collection’, each badge features the cover art of a classic 32-bit title, from Sonic Jam to Fighting Vipers to NiGHTS and Burning Rangers. Each badge will cost 300 Yen, but you’ll need to find them in a capsule machine.

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  1. The Sonic tea cup logo colour scheme has an IDW vibe to it. It’s obviously got to be a coincidence but it’s still pretty cool.

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