You Can Now Download Hyper Potions’ “Friends” from the Sonic Mania Opening

“Porta Vista,” “Checkpoint,” and “Time Trials.” Hyper Potions have become synonymous with promotional Sonic music over the past year, and their contributions to the brand have finally reached a head with Sonic Mania‘s release tomorrow on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

The opening animation to the highly anticipated throwback to the classics (of which you can read our TSS review with Svend and Adam here) was accompanied by Ian and Kevin’s newest nostalgia-inducing single: “Friends.” The full version of the track made its debut alongside the opening’s unveiling, and today, it is now up for grabs on digital markets such as iTunes and Google Play.

You can support the artists by purchasing the single for yourselves among these services, and, if you haven’t yet, give the song a listen below!

❤️ THANK YOU SEGA! ❤️ Thanks for hiring us to write the cinematic music for the Sonic Mania trailers, for all the new listeners we’ve received due to all of this, for…everything. This song is a thank you to all of our friends we’re meeting on this journey. We were just 2 friends making music together, hanging out and playing games and now we’re involved with amazing projects like Sonic Mania. Thank you just isn’t enough to express our appreciation. Please go have fun and enjoy Sonic Mania with us.

Ian and Kevin

Hyper Potions have also been featured in the recent Sound Test Saturday for Mania Week alongside a ton of other talented artists and remixers. Check them out too!

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