Sound Test Saturday: Pre-Mania Launch Edition!

We’re just one last, impossible weekend away to Sonic Mania, so I feel it’s only appropriate to highlight one celebrated aspect of the game: its music! The news of Tee Lopes’ hiring as Mania‘s composer was met with widespread acclaim across the Sonic community, and over the past year, we were gifted with a number of his contributions to the soundtrack.

For the occasion, I am bringing back Sound Test Saturday and have catalogued one remix for every Zone confirmed by SEGA in Sonic Mania, as well as a few bonuses! Don’t forget to support and follow these artists in the links provided below. Now, enjoy!

“Studiopolis Zone (Act 1 reinterpretation)”
– Sir J

Oh yes, there are lyrics to this legendary Studiopolis rendition. If you know the words, you can join in too! “Images flashing brightly…~”

“Mirage Saloon (James Wong Remix)”
– James Wong

James Wong, if you’re reading: you’re still my favourite person for making this. Best Mirage Saloon remix I’ve heard so far.

“Green Hill Zone (Big Band Style)”
– Uncle and the Bacon

Put on your nicest pair of spats, grab a partner, and hoof it to this Big Band take on an old classic!

“Chemical Plant Zone (Act 2 Dance Remix)”
– MK Masters

The urgency of Mania’s Act 2 infused with dance music elements made for a solid track! …I can definitely rave to this.

“Flying Battery Zone (Live at Stritch)”
– Super Soul Bros

What’s better than Flying Battery’s theme? Flying Battery with funk! What’s better than Flying Battery with funk? A live performance of it!

“Fresh Nu-Disco Stardust Speedway Zone”
– Plasma3Music

There’s no time like the present for this refreshing take on Stardust Speedway, so turn it up and get down already!

“Blue Spheres”
– Jeremy Smith [SG]

Strap yourselves in for this whimsical and faithful remix of “Blue Spheres,” but not too tightly! No chance of a Red Sphere misstep here.

“Dimension Heist Remake”
– Turret 3471

Mentally prep yourself for those UFO chases with this nicely remade “Dimension Heist,” complete with its own little surprises!

“Hi-Spec Robo GO! 8-Bit Remix”
– MegaBaZ

Because no great video game soundtrack doesn’t have 8-bit remixes of it somewhere.

“Danger on the Dance Floor (Hadron Remix)”

The fun stops when danger’s on the dance floor. You might still wind up tapping your foot to this remake of the mini-boss theme though!

“Act 2 Boss REMIX”
– Jahn Davis

You know Eggman means business when the Death Egg Robot drops in the first stage. Don’t just stand there gawking; RUN!!!

– Skye Rocket & Hyper Potions

The best for last. Skye Rocket and Hyper Potions combine their talents for the unofficial anthem to one of the most anticipated Sonic games of all time: “MANIA!”

Skye Rocket:

Hyper Potions:

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