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Welcome to ‘Mania Week’ on The Sonic Stadium! To celebrate the upcoming release of the SEGA/Whitehead/HeadCannon/PagodaWest collaboration project, we will be spending the next week producing a whole heap of awesome content – all about the Mania! This post will house links to all of the stuff we have planned, in one easy location, so keep this page bookmarked and come back often!

TSS REVIEW: Sonic Mania

The only review you can trust! The Sonic Stadium has put Sonic Mania through its paces and has the ultimate verdict on the game CLICK HERE to read it!

Mania Week @ The Sonic Stadium

Friday 11 August:

  • New Sonic Stadium Site Skin: ‘STK Maniacs’ (new default; change skins by using the theme selector dropdown at the bottom of any page on TSS)
  • Mania Week Hub Launches: BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!

Saturday 12 August:

Sunday 13 August:

  • Sonic Mania Buyer’s Guide: If you’re still not decided on getting the game, or want to know where the best place is to buy Sonic Mania (or related merchandise), then check this handy article out!

Monday 14 August:

Tuesday 15 August:

Wednesday 16 August:

Thursday 17 August:

Friday 18 August:

Saturday 19 August:

Sunday 20 August:

Sonic Mania News

Read More News and Features related to Sonic Mania by flicking through the ‘sonic-mania‘ tag on The Sonic Stadium! Click here to see the full list of articles!

Sonic Mania Previews & Features

Sonic Mania Competition: Drawn Back to the 90s!

We’ve got five PS4 UK/Europe Collector’s Editions of Sonic Mania to give away, fresh from the production line! All you have to do is draw like an eight-year-old kid in the 90s! Anyone can do that, right? We also have Sonic Mania Introduction Manuals up for grabs too. Click here to see more details, but be sure to enter before Saturday 12 August at 11:59pm UK Time!

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  1. To prep for Mania, I have been playing the entire Classic Era and trying to get the good endings. I’m already done with 1, 2 and CD, and I’m almost done with 3&K.

  2. Hey, Dreadknux. It’s 8 a.m. PDT not PST. This is daylight savings time. Standard time won’t be here until November.

  3. Uhhh… what happened to the updates from Wednesday on? I’m seeing a whole lotta nuthin’ there…

  4. Absolutely out of the topic sorry for that.
    I have tried Sonic stadium radio and found out it does not work. Is an alternative for this radio please?
    Thank you

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