Sonic Mania Tops the Switch Download Charts

As you all know, Sonic Mania officially (ahem) released on consoles back on August 15th, 2017, and it turns out a lot of people are just lapping it up on Nintendo’s latest system.

So far we have an example on Switch where the game has indeed topped the download charts in most regions, and in the UK and US it’s roasted Overcooked: Special Edition and even toppled Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition.

Any of you guys bought the game on Switch as well? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Via Nintendolife.


  1. All the people I know that are playing it bought it on Switch, myself included. Just felt right.

  2. The Switch version looks great in handheld mode – the home screen delay is annoying though… hopefully thats something they can fix

  3. I bought Sonic Mania specifically for the switch because let’s be honest here, Sonic at this quality on the go is a no brainer!
    Brought the game into my work and played it against co workers during lunch too, got everyone talking about it!

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