Sonic Forces Releases on Nov 7. US Price and Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed


Looks like the rumors are true! Sega has announced on the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account that Sonic Forces will be arriving on November 7th along with a US price tag of $39.99. On top of that, folks who pre-order the game will receive a controller skin for their system of choice. Along with the controller skin comes five different skins for the avatar based on several Sega/Atlus game properties including Jet Set Radio, Persona, Puyo-Puyo, Super Monkey Ball and NiGHTS. Looks like a great price and bonus for those interested in the upcoming game.

Sonic Forces will be available for Switch, PS4, X-Box One and PC November 7th.

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  1. AAAAAAAHHHHGGGGG NiGHTS, JET SET RADIO, PUYO PUYO, SUPER MONKEY BALL, AND FREAKIN PERSONA 5!!!!! SOOOOO MUCH HYPE! Seriously this game had me hooked when they showed Tag Team gameplay and a fully 3d level but this just takes the cake.

  2. Wow it’s only going to be 40 bucks? That’s really great!
    I won’t complain at 40 US dollars but in a world where 60 bucks is the norm for a game in this generation, it beckons the question Of what could be lacking to achieve such a low price too.
    I guess we will just have to see.

  3. No UK release? Screw you sega why can’t you just release it everywhere or not at all? I don’t care about collectors editions and merch but when they cut out in game content for other regions it’s just unfair same if the UK got exclusive stuff too and US didn’t I would still find it unfair…..

    1. The UK IS getting these bonuses. However, it seems we will be getting 4 art cards instead of the controller skins for each platform.

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